Shifting Your Focus

“If you want somebody who’s going to present the entire perspective of what marketing involves, talk to Susi … she’ll open your eyes to new ideas and provide you with better ways to organize and market your business.” 

My friend — and client — Dan Greenwald knew he needed a brand for his business. After deciding to open his own venture — Dan Greenwald Group, a manufacturer’s representative organization for outdoor leisure brands — Dan wanted to have a strong launch that would position him for success. His goal was to secure retail clients using old-fashioned marketing tactics: going door-to-door, handing out fliers, branding himself as the “old school salesman.” He called me to have lunch, believing that he was ready to go, simply wanting my input.

Dan and I have been close friends for years. I’m grateful he saw me both as a friend and as a resource for consulting on his new venture. From the beginning, his messaging needed some refinement. Dan felt he had two options — write letters, stuff them into envelopes, then mail them to prospects and follow-up with a phone call — or alternatively, he could chat with me about new ways to reach his target audience and grow his digital footprint. Dan was confident he had the right approach — until we chatted.

After some careful conversation, we decided Dan should start with the basics: he needed a web domain as an essential step in creating a successful digital marketing strategy. Avoiding Gmail was another aspect of the conversation that shifted Dan’s thinking. What’s wrong with Gmail? Nothing, except for the fact that using a Gmail domain removes the essential element of branding your business. After all, he wasn’t working for Google, he was working for himself. This was only step one, but it was a vital one: people need to know your name.

At this point, Dan knew he had a partner in Silesky Marketing for his short-term and long-term marketing needs. After we designed the brand, Dan hired our agency to develop and produce a catalog of his products.  Again, Dan was still certain he wanted to mail out a hard-copy of his shiny new catalog. Yet, we were concerned over the onset of COVID-19 and how it might affect his prospects. Within days of our completing the catalog design, the country had basically been shut down. Silesky Marketing quickly switched gears and presented Dan with a digital brochure that he could email to prospects. With the marketing tools we created for the Dan Greenwald Group — the fresh domain name, the digital brochure — Dan was prepared for all aspects of prospecting, both traditional and online.

I’m grateful that Dan trusted his friend, and allowed me to work with him as his consultant as well as his branding and marketing agency. If you’re new to marketing, if your confidence in growing your business is wavering, if something isn’t working in your current strategy, or if you simply want to discuss how a strategic marketing initiative can help grow your business, let’s chat and see how we can shift your business into growth mode. We’ll tackle your marketing together.

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