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Know Your Ideal Customer

Too often, businesses operate their companies for months or years without a genuine concept of their ideal audience and wonder why they don’t see results. Knowing your ideal customer will change how your business grows. You might have a brand, product, or service, and enough money to generate eye-popping marketing. But, without targeting the right audience, your efforts will likely be wasted. Plus, creating a generic offer to try and resonate with everyone is ineffective. The more customized your approach to promoting your products and services, the greater the odds of delighting your customers and being more successful at finding new clients.


Narrow your Scope

Focusing on attracting an audience that values what you offer helps your business grow. Everyone wants to feel seen. When you show a potential customer that you “get” them, holding their attention and plugging your product becomes more manageable. The better you know your ideal customer, the better you will become at creating content that effectively appeals to them and then seeing the results.


An essential first step is to create an example profile of your average customer by asking questions regarding their identity, age range, location, family size, income, etc. Next, think about a typical day in the life of your fictional customer. Are they resilient, curious, or sensitive? Consider where they spend time and money. Additionally, take some time to review and evaluate the qualities of your current and present clients and look for patterns amongst them.


What does your ideal client Google daily? What do they read? Do they spend more time on Facebook or LinkedIn? Knowing where your clients spend their time – and why – helps you understand how to reach them best.


What are they trying to achieve? What is their aspiration? Then, think about how you can help them achieve their goals.


Desires, and Needs – Purchases are often made for two reasons: to solve a problem or to fulfill a desire. What problem are they trying to solve? What are they seeking to achieve? Figuring out how to market your offerings to answer these two questions will put you in high demand. Challenge yourself to develop a list of why people in your target market need what you offer. How can it change their life or daily routine? Answering these questions requires a thorough understanding of your ideal target.

Buying Decisions

Do people within your target market make impulsive purchases, or do they take time to research and consider alternatives? Understanding their purchasing habits helps you be in the right place at the right time. For example, suppose members of your target audience value researching and reading reviews before purchasing. In that case, it is essential to include reviews and ratings on the site (and elsewhere).


It’s much easier to show a potential customer that you “get” them if you do! Potential customers can usually tell whether or not you are excited to work with them, and it makes all the difference.


Finally, it is essential to note that as the world changes, so will your customer base. Regularly reviewing, analyzing, and updating your fictional client profile will help you keep up and stay relevant. Need some help identifying and marketing to your target audience?

Let’s get started! 

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