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Find Your Voice

Suppose you’re sitting at a dinner table with a group of friends, and the lights go out, and the room is pitch black, and you cannot see anyone. What are the chances you can recognize who is speaking simply by hearing their voice? Odds are pretty good you know each person by voice. Even without a visual element, you can recognize their distinct cadence, inflection, and tone. When you create a brand voice, the goal is exactly the same: a distinct voice that is unmistakably yours. Your customers should be able to identify your brand simply by hearing or reading your branded materials. What’s a good example of a strong brand voice? How about Coca Cola? It’s brand voice focuses on positivity and friendliness. All of their marketing is full of examples of happy lives made better with a drink of Coke. This consistent brand voice helps them to build a strong connection between their product and good times.

Choosing a voice is rooted not only in the brand persona you’re trying to present, but also in what would be best received by your target audience. Start by asking yourself a few questions:

Who is your target?

What kind of voice will they hear? What do you want them to remember? Once you’ve thoroughly analyzed your target audience, you can begin determining your brand voice. A brand voice can be humorous or serious, casual or professional, instructional or emotional. What would your brand’s personality be if it were personified? How would this personality change from one platform to the next while remaining cohesive?

Think about which brand elements of your business you want to be immediately understood by your audience and how you can accomplish that with your messaging.

What is your brand promise?

Your brand promise is the commitment to your customers that really matters to them and differentiates you from your competition. The following are a few brand promises you will recognize: GEICO – “15 Minutes Or Less Can Save You 15% Or More On Car Insurance.” FedEx – “Peace of mind.” Apple – “Think differently.” BMW: “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” Walmart: “Save money. Live better.” The best brand promises go big, challenge the status quo, and connect with consumers on a deep emotional level. They also stay the course for years at a time.

Facts tell the analytical side of our brain what the company does, but the brand voice tells the creative side of our brain what the company feels like to engage with.

Consumers un-follow brands on social for many reasons. Irrelevant content is one of the top reasons, as well as too many posts (or ads),



Knowing your voice and being true to it is important because, over time, your brand voice becomes what you’re known for. What is the best advice we can give you? Find your voice and stick with it! Need some help? Give us a ring. We are branding professionals.

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