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Trending Hashtags & Social Media Growth



Trending hashtags and social media growth are something you have probably seen on every post across social media platforms. Formerly known as the ‘pound sign’ to millennials, the hashtag is utilized so that social media users can see content that is relevant to their own niche. Hashtags ensure that you will see posts that are related to the content you are looking for. Therefore, hashtags are the number one way to grow on social media.


The Importance of Hashtags

Trending hashtags have a lot to do with social media growth. In fact, they are important because they are a way to help brands reach a broader audience. When brands use hashtags, they can widen their reach. Posts that use hashtags typically get more engagement than posts that do not use hashtags. Statistics show that the use of hashtags increased engagement by 21% for most brands. They are a good way to keep content organized and help consumer find exactly what they are looking for.


How to Use Hashtags

When using hashtags, it is good to make sure the word you are using is relevant to the post and even better to make sure the hashtag being used is trending. If you post about the amazing vacation, you just took, relevant hashtags could be words that pertain to your vacation. Trending hashtags will ensure social media growth and increase the visibility of your post so it’s seen by a wider audience. Remember, hashtags should be one word and contain no spaces. They can be added to your bio on your account, under posts, and even in comments you make on yours or another account.

Understanding hashtags and utilizing them into posts is extremely important when building your brand. You want to make sure that you are using trending and relevant hashtags so that you can reach a wider audience and increase engagement on all posts. Trending hashtags lead to social media growth when used correctly and can be very beneficial to reaching your brand goals.

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