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Why Social Media Consistency Is Important to Your Brand Messaging

Why Social Media consistency is important to your brand messaging can be summed up in a quick answer. It’s 2021, and if you want to build brand recognition you need a consistent voice and messaging across your social media channels. Why is that, and how do you do it? Lucky for you, you’ll know everything you need by the end of this 6-minute guide. Let’s go!


What Is Brand Consistency?

Brand consistency (in the social media world) is the idea that all social media messaging should be cohesive and consistent with your overall branding goals. Your social media feeds should evoke the same feelings as your other communication channels, whether those are print ads or email pieces. They reflect what your customers can expect from your brand, and they need to speak a consistent brand message.


Social Media Consistency Is Important for Brand Messaging

Maintain your social accounts with the same care as your overall branding. Treating social media as an extension of your brand rather than a separate entity lets it become a powerful and cohesive tool for marketing and sales. Social media consistency will also show customers (and potential customers) what to expect from the rest of your content.


How to Maintain a Consistent Brand on Social Media

Here are some tips for keeping your brand consistent on social media:

Have a social media policy. Just as you would have a social media policy for your employees, having one for your brand will ensure that all social media posting upholds the same branding standards.

Ensure your brand’s voice is the same across channels. Social media messages should have the same voice and tone as other channels, including websites, emails, etc. Develop your brand voice based on who you are trying to reach via social media channels. If you’re marketing to business owners, maybe don’t use the latest TikTok lingo. (After all, what on Earth do they mean?)


Be visually consistent. Keep branding elements consistent across social media platforms to demonstrate brand cohesion — it’s a lot like making sure your outfit matches every day. This includes logos, color palettes, fonts, images, etc. It’s a good idea to create a central repository of assets that all members of your marketing team can access.


Create employee guidelines for posting on social media. Your employees (and maybe even you) might post about company happenings on social media. To keep the conversation consistent, set best practices for how to discuss the brand online.


Only join a social platform if it’s a good idea. Every platform is different, and users treat each social channel differently. Think carefully about whether or not a specific social media is a good way for your brand to reach its audience. For example, in early 2021, Clubhouse was all the rage — but it wouldn’t make sense for your brand to build a strategy there if your audience wasn’t trendy tech people.


Have a consistent posting schedule. Frequency is another way to show brand consistency, so post and engage with others at least three times per week, if not more. (Use automation tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to make your life easier!)


Ensure everything you share meets a standard. Whether it’s a meme, retweet, article link, or your own original content — you want to hold high standards for your brand regarding the accuracy, ethics, and appropriateness.


Get Your Brand Name Out There Today

If you had a friend who wore a different superhero mask every time you spoke, you probably wouldn’t introduce them to your other friends. Your brand is the exact same — the only way people get to recognize your brand is by knowing what they’re getting every time.

When your audience sees consistency across social and marketing channels, you’ve laid the groundwork for a strong customer relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure brand consistency?

We recommend creating brand guidelines that specify social media branding elements — this could mean logos, color palettes, fonts, etc. A lot of social platforms recommend posting multiple times a day. If you can do it, go ahead! But otherwise, try to maintain consistency in your social posting schedule. And of course, let us know if you need some help.


Does social media play a significant role in branding?

Yes, social media is another platform where your customers interact with your brand. This means it plays a significant role in branding — which is why brand consistency is so important!


Is it expensive to hire a social media manager for my business?

We don’t think so! No matter what size your business, we have brand packages tailored to your needs. Haven’t taken the social leap yet? We can help you get on board with social. More advanced in the social branding space? We’ve got the perfect package for companies looking to outsource their social media efforts to professionals who understand branding. Schedule a free consultation!

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