Why your Business Needs Social Media

Social media is no longer a novel concept. This blog will explain why you why your business needs a robust social media campaign. Afterall, social media it is the norm and an inextricable part of our daily lives. From the moment we wake up until the moment we close our eyes, we are surrounded by it. Can you imagine the time before social media?

How Social Media Influences

Social media dramatically influences our actions, goals, and virtually everything we do on a daily basis. In fact, social media is crucial to driving sales and crucial to maintaining a coherent brand across all marketing channels. It can make or break your sales targets, and determine your ability to achieve results based on customer engagement and product adaptation; it is not a tool that should be taken for granted.


Don’t believe us?

These five statistics demonstrate why your business should be on social media.

  • 45% Global Penetration Rate
  • 88% of businesses use social media
  • 67% of Americans get their news on social media
  • 81% of the US population has at least one social media profile
  • The average person will spend 5+ days of their lifetime on social media (proplogix.com)


Effectively using social media can have a massive impact on your brand. In addition to boosting traffic, you can supercharge sales by enhancing customer knowledge and engagement of your brand and its product/service. As customers are aware of the product’s existence and its benefits to their lives, adaptation follows soon after that. According to a study by Forbes, consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%!


Some social media statistics and tips:

  • COLOR is vital for brand recognition. A signature color can increase your brand recognition by 80% (Reboot, 2018)!
  • There will be 5-7 brand interactions before a consumer remembers a brand, so keep at it ( Venngage )!
  • 74% of online marketers said they used VISUALS in their content more than 70% of the time (Venngage).
  • Include a CALL TO ACTION in your post, such as “call us”, “visit our website,” “click the link,” etc.
  • New social media pages may take a while to build traction, so give it time before seeing tremendous results.
  • Create a social media calendar to maintain an effective frequency to ensure that you stay active without spamming your followers.
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