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How to Vary Your Posts on Social Media

Varying your posts on social media helps drive sales.

When it comes to your business’s social media page, varying the type of content that you post is almost as important as the content itself.

Nobody likes to hear the same things over and over. While stating your mission, advertising your product, and promoting your business are essential, there is a thin line between staying front of mind and being annoying. If your followers feel like the content on your page is predictable, repetitive, overdone, etc., you risk losing their attention or, worse, having them develop a negative association with your brand. By varying your content, you can focus on your goals while fostering a more holistic and personable social media presence.

People are more likely to engage with your content if they can relate to it.

Keep the characteristics of your target audience in mind when determining what types of material to post. Below are some examples of different kinds of posts you can include on your social media:

Advice: Share tips, tricks, and hacks relevant to your industry. Advice is especially valued when it comes from someone they might consider an expert on the matter.

Questions: Pose a question and prompt people to answer in the comments. Doing so is especially significant if there is something you genuinely want feedback on. Always be sure to respond to any comments left on your posts.

Inspiration – Relatable and motivational quotes, lyrics, or images can connect with the user’s emotions.

Product highlight: Focus on and highlight a specific way your product or service can help the audience. What unique features do you have to offer? How can you make a difference in their lives?

Outside article – Get into the habit of sharing relevant articles, studies, or stories that you find interesting, helpful, or motivating. It may even encourage other people to share your content, too.

Personal posts: It is always important to be friendly and personable. People want to see the person behind the page and feel like there is a real human being running it.

Blog – Besides being great for SEO, regularly posting blogs gives people something to look forward to reading.

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