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Dispelling Social Media Myths

Like many modern forms of marketing, social media is surrounded by myths and misunderstandings. Its rapid growth and evolution can make it difficult to follow and use strategically. Nevertheless, social media is an essential and powerful marketing tool in today’s world.  in today’s world. Let’s debunk some SMM (Social Media Marketing) myths.


Myth 1: My customers are not on social media

Pew Research Center reports that 72% of American adults who are online use social networking sites. (note: 85% of American adults are online). Even among Americans 65 years old and better, 43% use social media.  So even if your customers aren’t yet using social media to conduct business, they are more likely to engage with social media in some capacity.


Myth 2: SMM is for creating new customers

Rather than viewing social media as a vehicle to acquire new customers, it is better viewed as a loyalty retention program. Research shows that most people who “like” a page are current or former customers. However, if these followers share your content frequently, it can translate into new exposure. Frequent exposure creates brand authority and brand authority creates higher ranking on search engines.


Myth 3: Social media effectiveness is not measurable

Like many forms of marketing, it is always easy to look at social media and question whether the investment is making you any money. However, social media metrics available on the platforms and various management software like Hubspot or Hootsuite allow you to view factors such as: how much traffic SMM drives to your website, how many customers are engaging in the conversation on your page, where your customers are coming from and also which other platforms they participate on social.


There is a method for effective SMM and it does not mean posting three times a day or sharing other people’s articles non-stop.

Effective social media happens when you follow your brand voice and become the authority in your field. The ins and outs of social media can feel daunting at times. Of course, this is especially true when there are so many other elements of your business to manage. Need assistance? Schedule a free audit of your social media marketing with our SM Manager. Or, call 410-205-6168 to speak with one of our sales associates.

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